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I will be answering every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Anytime I have in between will be devoted to the art. I'm sorry if I don't get to you right away, because sometimes im just busy. So, with that being said, I will try my best to assign you a date. For your information, I (KittyMaster_111) am the only one posting the pictures right now. Please try to put an @ sign before the dragon's name. This makes it easier for me to sort the questions from other messages. MoonWatcher3 will be helping with coming up with answers, along with of course, asking. I will be drawing the art right now and if you would like to join the art team, comment on my discussion labeled: @JoinUs! below. If you would like to join the answering ideas team, leave a comment on the discussion: @JoinUs! below.


Ever wondered what the Dragonets are thinking? If so, take a moment to read these and post a comment of your question! To specify who your question is for, please put an @ before the name! You can make a discussion or just leave a message! No spamming please. Also, if you make a discussion of one that is already made (DeathBringer) then I will delete it. Thanks and happy asking!

Main Characters:





















-Queen Blaze


Popular Dragons (Now):








-Queen Thorn

-Queen Moorhen

-Queen Glacier

-Queen Ruby/Tourmaline

-Queen Coral

-(Queen) Glory

---------------------------------- Dead Dragons (Spoilers!):


-Queen Scarlet

-Princess Burn

-Princess Blister



-Queen Vengeance





-Queen Diamond

-Prince Arctic




Sorry If I Missed Any Please Tell Me If i Did.


First art made for this!

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Sorry I kinda failed....drew this a while ago. I'm gonna be drawing better than this. :D